Dulux Colour Trends: Styling your Home for Autumn

In preparation for the cooler winter months in Melbourne, simple changes can be made throughout your home’s interior spaces to create a soothing, warm and tranquil atmosphere. These can be as straight forward as swapping out your home’s decor and soft furnishings to introduce a variety of colours and textures to repainting a tired space for a whole new look! Drawing inspiration from Dulux’s Autumn 2023 colour trends, we look at the many different ways you can experiment with colour and texture in your home.

Styling with Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as cushions, area rugs or curtains and drapes can instantly create a comforting atmosphere in the home. In the cooler seasons, introducing rich, earthy colours in a variety of textures will enhance your home’s atmosphere, creating a warm and welcoming vibe. Swap out brighter colours with softer neutral tones for a lush, wintery feel while contrasting lighter tones with deeper charcoals or chocolate colours for a well balanced look.

Armadale Home Renovator_Fireplace
Our Armadale home renovation includes a modern built-in fireplace unit in the spacious living room. Adorned with cosy overstuffed cushions in a selection of earthy colour options along with a traditional area rug, this living area offers a warm and welcoming vibe that is perfect for settling down in this winter!

Using Natural Textures: Timber, Marble & More!

Natural materials and finishes such as marble, granite, limestone or timber will add a sophisticated look in your interior design scheme. These types of materials will each offer a unique experience in the home with naturally occurring variations in colour, texture and pattern. Offering a timeless quality to your home, natural materials create a luxurious yet cosy style in the home, adding a strong element of texture while evoking the warmth and beauty of nature. Natural materials and textures can be introduced in your home’s design scheme using a variety of decorative pieces such as artwork, accessories and furniture. If you are working on a home renovation however, you may want to consider including a variety of natural materials such as stone or timber in your design to create a timeless and elegant atmosphere in your new home.

Armadale Kitchen Renovation
Our Armadale kitchen renovation uses a crisp white natural marble stone as the island benchtop to contrast the rich, chocolate tones of the hardwood flooring that runs throughout the property’s interiors. The space is decorated with a variety of luxurious antique furniture in a selection of rich, earthy timbers to create a sense of harmony in the home’s design scheme.

Interior Paint Colours inspired by Autumn

A low cost way to revamp your home’s interior spaces is to freshen things up with paint. A strong interior paint colour scheme will set the scene for your home’s overall design and decorating scheme, allowing you to experiment with a range of different designer looks. Autumn inspired colour schemes combine rich, earthy tones with soft neutral colours to create a warm and tranquil atmosphere. As these colour combinations can sometimes feel a little “washed out”, it is important to create a sense of grounding with your use of texture and colour; consider including roughly textured fabrics or decorative pieces throughout your home’s interior spaces while also including deep, charcoal or chocolate tones that will contrast the softer elements. This technique will ensure a well-balanced style in your home’s design scheme while still creating a welcoming vibe.

When painting your home, we would always recommend testing out your selections before making any commitments! You can order sample pots of your selected paints as well as paint stickers directly from Dulux’s website. View these samples on your home’s interior walls at different times of day, under both natural and artificial light to ensure they are exactly what you expect! You may be surprised at just how different the same paint colour option will look throughout the day in different types of light!

Dulux Colour Trends 2023_Autumn
Dulux’s 2023 Colour Forecast focuses on creating a sense of comfort and tranquillity in the home. Combining a selection of rich, earthy colours in their Autumn inspired colour palettes, Dulux has created a bold yet timeless look that is perfect for the cooler seasons!

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home can be as simple as swapping out your soft furnishings and decor for a welcome change. If you are looking for more of a bolder change, you may consider repainting your home’s interiors to completely revamp your look or even consider a home renovation where you will have the opportunity to introduce more of a variety of materials and finishes throughout your home’s interior spaces. Our team at Perini Renovations can assist you through the entire process, from design straight through to completion, ensuring a smooth and straight forward experience!

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