6 Bathroom Design Mistakes & What to do Instead!

When planning a bathroom renovation, there are many areas that can be overlooked. As a bathroom renovation represents a significant investment into your home, it is important to nail your design early on during the planning stage to avoid disappointment down the track. From a poorly designed layout to a lack of adequate bathroom storage areas, these are the top bathroom design mistakes and what to do instead!

Bathroom Design Mistakes: Skipping the Planning Stage

The planning stage of your bathroom is perhaps the most important step! Before starting out on your bathroom renovation, it is important to take the time to carefully plan your design, budget and renovation process in order to ensure the very best outcome. Make a detailed list of your needs and wants for the space including the type of look or theme you would like to achieve. Next, you will want to set yourself a realistic budget; if you are unsure of just how much you can expect to pay, make a note of how much you are comfortable spending and then seek out advice on budgeting from your Designer or Builder to see if you are on the right track. Take advantage of their expert advice in order to ensure your design needs will fall within your set budget.

Balwyn Bathroom Renovation_Bathroom Layout
Our Balwyn bathroom renovation combines a simple and timeless colour scheme with modern fittings for an elegant and stylish look. Each area is carefully planned to ensure all the bases are covered from creating an ideal layout to ensuring ample bathroom storage.

During this stage, you will also want to take some time to consider the actual renovation process and how to best plan your life around it: Will you be staying in the home during the course of your bathroom renovation? Are there other bathroom facilities available in the home for yourself and for your tradies? You may want to consider hiring a portable bathroom or WC facility to use during the duration of your project; an item that should be factored into your budget early in the process if it is indeed necessary!

Poor Circulation in the Bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation, ensuring a safe and comfortable layout and circulation in the space is a must. Have a look at your existing bathroom and examine what changes you would like to make: Have you always thought the shower or bath could be better placed? Have you always wanted more storage space or a wider wall mirror? Note down your layout preferences and discuss these with your Designer and Builder who will offer their best advice on achieving the perfect layout for your home while ensuring the circulation within the space is both safe and comfortable.

Not Exploring Different Bathroom Tile Options

Bathroom tiles are available in a vast range of options with different materials, shapes, colours and textures available to explore. Although restrictions in terms of slip resistance for floor tiles in a residential project are not as strict as a commercial project, caution must always be exercised when selecting bathroom floor tiles to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. When selecting bathroom wall tiles, it is important to find an option that will be simple to clean, especially when tiling a shower wall. This will ensure a low maintenance solution in the bathroom, making cleaning up a breeze! For more information on selecting bathroom tiles, visit Perini Tiles.

East Melbourne Bathroom Renovation_Pattern Tiles
Our East Melbourne bathroom renovation combines modern glossy white wall tiles with a stunning pattern tile, offering a subtle nod to the past in this period style home.

Not Planning your Bathroom Lighting

Planning your bathroom lighting is an all-important step that should not be overlooked! If your existing bathroom does not receive much in the way of natural light, you may want to consider building in a new window or skylight if possible. If either of these solutions cannot be achieved in your home, focus on increasing the amount of artificial lighting in the space and ensure that key areas are effectively illuminated: ensure adequate lighting inside the shower or bath area as well as over the vanity unit or bathroom mirror. Lighting over your bathroom mirror should not cast a shadow on your face but rather, effectively illuminate the face directly for the best use.

Poor Ventilation in the Bathroom

Proper ventilation in the bathroom is another all important area that should never be overlooked when planning a bathroom renovation! Combine natural ventilation (openable windows or skylights) with artificial solutions (exhaust fans) for an optimum experience that will allow for year-round ventilation.

Bathroom Design Mistakes: Lack of Bathroom Storage

When planning your new bathroom, it is important to consider what types of items you would like to be stored in the space and where this storage would be best situated. Open shelves, shower niches or ledges are an excellent solution for keeping shower and bath essentials close at hand where they are needed and used while extra bottles, accessories and other items can be safely tucked away in a medicine cabinet, large cupboard or vanity unit. Plan out where you would like to store specific items during the design stage of your bathroom renovation and keep their size in mind to ensure there is enough room to accommodate all your bathroom necessities.

Kew Bathroom Renovation_Bathroom Storage
Our Kew bathroom renovation includes a large vanity unit that can comfortably house all of the required bathroom necessities.

When planning a bathroom renovation, there are many key points to keep in mind to ensure the very best outcome that will suit your space, needs and design style. Our team at Perini Renovations will guide you through every step of the process to ensure a high quality outcome while our tiles store: Perini Tiles can provide all the latest in elegant designer tile solutions!

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