How to Design a Small Bathroom: Design Ideas to Maximise your Space

When designing a small bathroom your options may seem limited at first however, this often leads to the most creative of design solutions! There are many different ways you can maximise the space in a small bathroom layout from finding the most suitable fittings for the limited space to combining the perfect bathroom tiles and finishes for that perfect designer touch.

Planning your Layout in a Small Bathroom

The most important step in any bathroom renovation is taking the time to carefully plan your layout according to your needs. This step becomes especially crucial when designing a smaller sized bathroom as allowances will need to be made to ensure the safety and functionality of the space. A great way to identify any key issues is to take a look at your existing bathroom layout and take note of what is and isn’t working for you. Is the shower too small? Would you like to include or remove the bathtub? Do you need more storage space? Is moving around the room comfortable or is the space too cluttered? The answers to these questions will form your design brief, offering your Builder and Designer valuable insight into your needs and preferences when creating the perfect layout for your new bathroom.

Collingwood Bathroom Renovation_Wet Room_Small Bathroom Design Ideas
Ensuring proper planning in a small bathroom will help you maximise the space. Our Collingwood bathroom renovation includes a wet room style nook housing a luxurious freestanding bathtub with a shower beside it. This wet zone of the bathroom is divided using a clear glass partition to keep water away from the rest of the space.

Clever Storage in a Small Bathroom

Planning storage in a small bathroom layout can be a challenge! The best way to ensure there is ample storage in the room is to make use of any available wall space by installing accessories such as wall shelves, robe hooks and more. This includes using the space inside the walls as well by installing storage facilities that are recessed into the wall cavities. Shower niches are an excellent example of this as are wall recessed medicine cabinets and other cupboards. Using these types of storage techniques, you are minimising the amount of fittings that are protruding into the space, ensuring a clutter-free bathroom design scheme.

Armadale Bathroom Renovation_Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom
Our Armadale bathroom renovation includes all the luxuries in a smaller space: a back to wall bathtub, large vanity unit and a wall recessed medicine cabinet for added storage. The large mirror over the bathtub creates the illusion of a wider room while also allowing light to travel through the space.

Selecting Tiles for a Small Bathroom

A great way to maximise the perception of space in a small bathroom is to get creative with your use of bathroom tiles and grout colours. As a general rule of thumb, large format floor tiles are an excellent choice here as their size will minimise the appearance of grout lines in the room, ensuring less visual clutter in the overall design. Next, combine your floor tiles with glossy wall tiles in the bathroom that will allow light to travel and bounce in the room to once again enhance the perception of space. Finish off your tile selection by specifying suitable grout colours: Select a grout colour that will match or complement the tile’s colour rather than contrast it. This will create a neat look that reduces the amount of visual clutter in the room.

Perini Tiles_Metro Handmade Look Tiles_Blue Tiles_Bathroom Tiles
Glossy wall tiles create a sense of depth in a room while allowing light to bounce off their reflective surface and brightening up your bathroom. Pictured: Metro Handmade Look Tiles – Perini Tiles

Space-Saving Bathroom Fittings

When selecting your new bathroom fittings, explore a range of different options that will allow you to create the perfect flow and circulation in the room without impeding on walkways. There are many exciting options available that will allow you to include luxuries such as freestanding bathtubs and oversized mirrors or vanity units without compromising on the safety of the space. For tips on selecting your new bathroom fittings, checkout our guide here as well as our rundown on different types of bathtubs for every layout!

Reece Plumbing Back to Corner Bathtub
A back-to-corner bathtub offers the elegance of a traditional freestanding bath and the practicality of a built-in tub, being an excellent choice for adding a luxurious touch to a small bathroom layout.

There are many different design solutions that will allow you to create a luxurious and feature-packed layout in a small bathroom from compact bathroom fittings to creative fittings and elegant bathroom tiles to complete the look. Our team at Perini Renovations will assist you in the creation of the perfect bathroom layout for your home – contact us here to discuss your project!

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