4 Top Trending Bathroom Design Ideas

When creating a bathroom design scheme, there are many different design styles and elements to consider. Having a look at the current design trends provides an excellent starting point, allowing you to draw inspiration from modern styles and start to narrow down your own unique selections in bathroom tiles, materials and colours. Our top picks in current bathroom design trends do away with fads and focus more on creating a timeless aesthetic while still incorporating modern styles and materials. From timeless natural stones to elegant handmade tiles, we’ve compiled our favourite design trends that also offer a timeless look.

Timeless Natural Stone

Natural stones offer a wonderfully timeless aesthetic in any application throughout the home, especially in the bathroom. Natural stone tiles or benchtops can be used in your new bathroom design scheme to add a strong element of pattern, drama and interest in the space while effortlessly complementing any number of modern or classic materials and colours. Natural stone tiles are an excellent choice for the bathroom, especially for use as a feature wall. You will find an immense selection of natural stone tiles available from classic marble tiles, travertine tiles and plenty more.

East Hawthorn Bathroom Renovation_Green Marble Tiles
Our Hawthorn East bathroom renovation includes a luxurious green marble tiled feature wall within the large walk-in shower. The luxurious variations in the stone’s tone and pattern create a dynamic feature element in this neutral colour scheme, offering a timeless aesthetic to the space.

Warm, Earthy Colour Schemes

Warmer colours and creamy neutral tones are once again trending in the world of bathroom design. Beige, cream and chocolate tones create a welcoming and serene look in the bathroom while complementing other trending materials such as earthy timbers, natural stones and more. Create interest in your new bathroom’s colour scheme by layering varying shades and tones; layering various neutral tones will offer a sense of grounding and depth to your design scheme.

Kew Bathroom Renovation_Beige Tiles
Our Kew bathroom renovation combines crisp whites with warm beige and chocolate tones to create a well balanced aesthetic in this large bathroom.

Handmade Textures

From handmade tiles to hand crafted timber vanity units, the charm of an authentically handmade piece in the bathroom is next to none! Handmade pieces will often show variations in the material and the craftsmanship that add to their unique personality and charm while also creating a warm and welcoming vibe. Handmade tiles are often used in the bathroom to add a unique and personal touch that is bursting with charm, character and texture. Each individual tile is different from the next with variations present in their shape, texture, colour and thickness as a result of the handcrafting process.

Vintage Inspired Features

Add a vintage inspired touch to your bathroom design scheme to create a sense of character and sophistication! Vintage touches can be introduced in your selection of bathroom fittings, in your overall colour scheme and decor or in your bathroom tiles. Vintage inspired pattern tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home as they offer a nod to the past while still tying in well in a more modern setting. This quality makes them an excellent choice for both modern and period style home renovations.

East Melbourne Bathroom Renovation
Our East Melbourne bathroom renovation combines the old with the new to create a stylish look in a period style home. The luxurious vintage inspired pattern floor tiles pay tribute to the traditional architecture of the home while the balance of the space’s colour scheme effortlessly balances out their dynamic look.

Current bathroom design trends are embracing timeless choices that create a warm and soothing atmosphere in the home. Our top picks in trending yet timeless design elements will each allow you to explore a range of different materials, textures and rich, earthy colours to create a tranquil and timeless aesthetic in your next bathroom renovation project. For more information and to discuss your own renovation needs, contact us here!

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