Creating a Hamptons Style Bathroom Design Scheme

The classic Hamptons style of design makes for a timeless look in the home. This style of interior design is characterised by soft whites paired with bright metallic hardware, rich patterns, pastel tones and a combination of sophisticated materials and finishes that create a luxurious yet casual, coastal vibe. The key to creating the perfect Hamptons style bathroom is to carefully select your bathroom fittings, materials and bathroom tiles to tie in with your design theme while ensuring there is a proper balance achieved in the overall design.

Hamptons Style Bathroom Fittings

Hamptons inspired bathroom fittings include luxurious clawfoot bathtubs, gooseneck tapware and elegant shaker style cabinetry. These classic options will provide a sophisticated and luxurious quality in your design scheme while not being too heavily stylised, ensuring a well-balanced look is achieved in your new bathroom. When it comes to selecting your hardware and tapware, bright chrome is often the most popular choice for this style of interior design however, modern interpretations of this design style will also feature matte black or brushed brass instead.

Kado Era Clawfoot Bathtub_Hamptons Bathroom Design
Reece’s Kado Era clawfoot bathtub offers an opulent option for the bathroom that will perfectly tie in with a classic Hamptons inspired design theme. The tub includes bright chrome feet that will complement metallic accents in the space such as the tapware, cabinetry handles and towel rails. If you are instead planning on including black or brass hardware in your home, make sure to match up all the metallic accents in the space to create a well-balanced and cohesive look.

Luxurious Marble Finishes

A classic Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme will often feature varieties of white marble. This timeless material can be introduced in your home in your selection of floor tiles, wall tiles or your vanity benchtop, creating endless appeal in your design. Authentic marble surfaces are porous however and as such, will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time and protected from staining. If you would prefer more of a low maintenance alternative, porcelain ‘look-alike’ products will provide the next best thing to real marble. Porcelain tiles or benchtops can be sourced in style options that perfectly replicate the look and feel of real marble. Unlike real marble though, porcelain products will not require sealing and provide a surface finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture, making them an excellent solution for the busy home.

Marble porcelain tiles_Toorak bathroom renovation
Our luxurious Toorak bathroom renovation uses marble-look porcelain wall tiles paired with an earthy floor tile that creates a sense of grounding and balance in the predominately white colour scheme.

Classic Pattern Tiles

Create a strong sense of character and charm in your new Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme using pattern tiles as a feature on either your floor or walls. These types of tiles will often feature ornate geometric designs that will add a warm sense of character in the space. Pattern tiles are most often made of porcelain or concrete, with both options providing a wonderfully strong and long lasting finish in the bathroom. Classic pattern tiles can make quite the statement in a bathroom; the best way to balance out their look is to complement them with a range of solid coloured materials. In the example below, we used a grey patterned floor tile in this Hamptons inspired bathroom design scheme paired with a crisp white wall tile and a dove grey benchtop on the vanity unit. The simple yet timeless colour scheme creates an overall style that is easy on the eye while still including all of the elegant features that have become synonymous with the classic Hamptons look.

Richmond Bathroom Renovation_Modern Hamptons Bathroom Design
Our Richmond bathroom renovation features a modern Hamptons look that is made up of classic pattern tiles, classic white wall tiles and a smooth dove grey benchtop that ties the space’s colour scheme together.

Easily create a modern Hamptons bathroom design style by carefully balancing out each design element with the next to ensure a timeless finish. Our team at Perini Renovations will help you create the perfect designer look in your next bathroom renovation project, walking you through the design and construction process to ensure the very best results – Contact us here to discuss your home renovation needs.

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