4 Interior Lighting Trends and Styles

A well planned lighting layout will ensure that your freshly renovated home is not only beautiful but also safe and highly functional. Planning your lighting is a crucial step in the design process and one that should never be overlooked! Your feature light fixtures allow you the opportunity to get a little more creative in your design choices as unlike fixed design elements (such as kitchen cabinets for example), lighting fixtures are often much more straight forward to replace later on if you wish to change up the look of your home as trends evolve over time. This year’s interior lighting trends include a wide variety of styles including modern industrial looks, minimalist styles as well as mid-century modern options, each of which will add a luxurious yet timeless look in your home’s design scheme.

Industrial Lighting Trends

This style is characterized by exposed bulbs, metal fixtures, and raw materials. Perfect for creating a modern and edgy look in your home renovation, industrial styled lighting fixtures range from elaborately detailed options to more minimal looks that make the materials used in their creation the main focus. Our South Melbourne kitchen renovation pictured below combines a selection of industrial materials and colours such as tinted mirrors, stainless steel and deep charcoal tones that are highlighted with an exposed bulb lighting fixture over the kitchen island.

South Melbourne Kitchen Design
Our South Melbourne kitchen design combines a selection of industrial themed materials, colours and fittings to create a modern look. Exposed bulbs with hanging wiring complete the look while also creating a sense of continuity between the open plan kitchen and dining area.

Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes (such as spheres), and organic materials, mid-century modern light fittings will create a glamorous look in the home. This style of lighting will provide a modern and sophisticated style, being especially popular for the kitchen and bathroom where a mid-century modern lighting solution will add a stylish yet timeless look.

Collingwood bathroom design_blue bathroom tiles
Our Collingwood bathroom renovation combines mid-century modern light fittings beside the vanity mirror with ceiling downlights to create a simple yet impactful style.

Minimalist Lighting Design

Minimalist lighting solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into the background of a space while still offering a functional solution. This style of lighting is the perfect choice if you are looking to create a clean and uncluttered look in the home, being a popular solution for all areas. From sleek lighting bars to simple yet impactful shaped fittings, there are many options to choose from in this style that will ensure a clean and modern look in the home.

Armadale kitchen design_Minimalist Lighting Design
Our Armadale kitchen renovation includes a simple lighting bar across the central island. This lighting fixture effectively illuminates the space while providing a sleek and minimal look that does not distract from the rich textures, colours and materials used in this design.

Contemporary Lighting Styles

Where the term ‘modern design’ will most often be associated with a specific period in time, the term ‘contemporary design’ refers to current and forecast trends. When looking at contemporary design styles, one can expect more innovative options, whether these are more elaborate or subtle in their form. Our Collingwood home renovation pictured below features a show-stopping cluster of pendants over the kitchen island; these contemporary light fittings complement the colourful space while creating a dramatic feature in the space.

Collingwood kitchen design
Our Collingwood kitchen renovation features contemporary styled lighting solutions that offer a sense of drama in the space while complementing the bright colour scheme of the home.

By exploring different lighting trends and styles, you can find inspiration for your home’s lighting plan and create a space that truly reflects your own unique personal style. From contemporary styles to industrial looks and more, you will find an endless selection of stunning lighting fixtures available to help you create the perfect look in your next home renovation. Our team at Perini Renovations can walk you through the design process, assisting in product selections as well as colours and materials to ensure the perfect style in your next home renovation project – Reach out to us here to discuss your project today!

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