Combining Textures & Finishes in your next Home Renovation

By combining a range of different materials, finishes and textures in your next home renovation, you can create a luxurious and sophisticated look. Although each of the examples shown below offer a very unique interior design style, they each share one thing in common: each design style showcases a rich combination of materials and textures to create a luxurious yet individual look. We explore a selection of different interior design styles and how they have been achieved using specific combinations of different materials and textures.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

A contemporary interior design style will reflect the current trends in design and architecture. This year, we are seeing more of a focus on natural textures and materials alongside classic neutral tones, showing that design trends are embracing a simpler aesthetic. This interior design style will feature rough, natural stones, textured timbers and sleek, smooth tiles to create a feast for the senses!

Richmond Bathroom Design_Contemporary bathroom design
Our Richmond bathroom renovation combines concrete look floor tiles with rich stone and timber textures to create a contemporary look. The design is grounded with the use of bold, structured black features in the bathroom’s hardware and shower screen framing.

Modern Hamptons Style Design

A traditional Hamptons inspired look will often feature a combination of casual, coastal design elements with sophisticated and luxurious finishes. Pattern tiles are a strong feature in this style of interior design, adding a luxurious yet casual touch to any space. Complement pattern tiles with a range of textures and colours to create a well-balanced and cohesive materials and colour scheme. Crisp whites, pastel tones and soft greys are all popular features of this elegant look, each of which will pair well with the glimmering metallic finishes often used to achieve a modern Hamptons style.

Modern Hamptons Bathroom Design
Our Richmond bathroom design combines crisp whites with varying shades of grey to create a modern Hamptons design scheme. The textured wall tiles provide an elegant finishing touch that perfectly complements the patterned floor tiles without pulling the focus away from this design feature.

Art Deco Inspired Glamour

The classic Art Deco style combines rich, glossy finishes such as glass, polished timbers and polished marbles. This designer look became popular in the 1920s and has since remained a well sought after design style. Luscious curves are paired with more structured geometric shapes to create a sense of contrast and interest while the overall design scheme offers a rich and opulent aesthetic in any part of the home.

Hawthorn Interior Design
Our Hawthorn bathroom renovation features a luscious combination of glossy surfaces, natural marble stone and tactile wall tiles to create a sophisticated look that is heavily inspired by traditional Art Deco interior design.

Japandi Interior Design

The Japandi style fuses elements of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian styles resulting in a tranquil, soothing and serene vibe. This style will often include rich, earthy timbers, rough concrete touches and handmade products that showcase a sense of individuality. Neutral colours and an abundance of natural light will set off this style of interior design to further enhance its rich yet rustic design elements.

Mosaic Wall Tiles Bathroom
This elegant bathroom combines warm timber with roughly textured concrete finishes to add a wonderfully tactile quality to the space. These elements are highlighted with aged brass tapware and mosaic wall tiles that give off a handmade look, adding a charming finishing touch to the overall look.

Combining a range of textures, materials and finishes will create a luxurious and tactile look in your next design project. Different options will lend themselves particularly well to specific design styles as demonstrated in the above examples. Our team at Perini Renovations will guide you through each step of the interior design process to ensure the perfect look is achieved in your home – Contact us here to discuss your project today!

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