5 Steps to Renovating your Bathroom

The process of renovating your bathroom can feel overwhelming at first however, there are simple steps you can follow to ensure a smooth and well-planned project. From setting a realistic budget to selecting the perfect bathroom design style, tiles and fittings, we run through each step of the bathroom renovation process to give you a head start on your next project!

Step 1: Setting a Budget for your Bathroom Renovation

The first step in any home renovation project is to set a realistic budget. According to the HIA (Housing Industry Australia), the average cost of a bathroom renovation in Australia is $21,484.00. Examining this figure further, Canstar specifies three budget tiers for renovating a bathroom, attaching an average cost to each tier:

  • A Budget Bathroom Renovation can cost anywhere between $5,000 – $15,000
  • A Standard Bathroom Renovation will cost between $15,000 – $30,000
  • A Premium Bathroom Renovation will cost upwards of $30,000

If you are struggling to settle on a specific figure, consider how much you are comfortable spending on your renovation and discuss this figure with your Interior Designer or Builder to see if it is do-able. They will be able to best advise on your options in terms of what is and is not achievable within your set budget and work with you to create the very best outcome.

Richmond Bathroom Design_Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Our Richmond bathroom renovation combines timeless and trending materials and finishes to create a unique look. Textured timber laminate is used on the custom vanity unit, contrasting the lush charcoal tones of the stone benchtop and wall cladding. The look is elegantly brought together with timeless white herringbone tiles and a striking black shower frame, creating a modern look.

Step 2: Planning a Bathroom Layout

Starting with measuring up the existing space and taking note of any doorways, windows, etc, you can create the ideal bathroom layout. Have a look at your existing bathroom and consider which areas are and are not working well. Is the shower too small? Do you find that you need more storage? Is there enough light in the room? Take note of your findings and together with your Interior Designer and Builder, you can come up with the best solutions to achieve your desired outcome in your new bathroom layout.

Balwyn Bathroom Design_Bathroom Renovation Cost
Our Balwyn bathroom renovation includes a large double vanity and elegant back-to-wall bathtub. The layout pulls the user’s focus to the central bathtub, creating an elegant feature of this area, while the large window allows natural light to seep through the space.

Step 3: Deciding on a Bathroom Design Style

Next comes the fun part: Deciding on your preferred bathroom design style! There are many different options to choose from whether you are looking for a timeless aesthetic or a contemporary bathroom design. Have a look at online resources such as Pinterest, interior design blogs and galleries and take note of what types of styles attract you the most. Consider which features in these designs are the most appealing to you and take note of these specific items: You may pick out a cabinetry handle from one design that you absolutely love, a bathroom tile in another design and a freestanding bathtub in another!

Hawthorn Bathroom Design_Art Deco Bathroom Ideas
Our Hawthorn bathroom renovation features an Art Deco inspired design style. The original timber floors are retained and contrasted by luxuriously tactile black tiles in the wet areas of the space. A glistening chandelier hangs over the stylish black clawfoot bathtub, highlighting this feature area and complementing the stunning marble bathroom vanity.

Step 4: Selecting your Finishes & Fittings

By defining your preferred bathroom design style, you can then easily start to pick out specific colours, materials and finishes that will tie in with your desired aesthetic. A modern rustic look for example will usually include handmade tiles, timbers, rough concrete or natural stone. A Hamptons styled bathroom design however will often use a combination of pastel tones, crisp whites and marble to create a classic look.

Visit your local bathroomware store to have a look at the different options available in fittings: you will be surprised at just how many different finishes are available! From classic chrome and brass to matte black, white or gold, there are many exciting options available to choose from. Consider what types of fittings you would prefer in your new design: Are you interested in a rain-shower, a hand-held shower or both? Are you looking for an elegant freestanding bathtub or a classic built-in tub option? Your showroom consultant will walk you through all of your options, along with your Interior Designer and Builder, helping you to find the very best solutions that will fit your needs, aesthetic and budget.

Modern Bathroom Design_Bathroom Renovation Cost
A contemporary styled bathroom, this space combines the rich texture of timber with a charcoal stone and white wall tiles to create a timeless yet modern look.

Step 5: Enjoy your New Bathroom!

Finally, once all the planning and preparing is done, it is time to actually renovate your bathroom! Your Builder will advise you on a timeframe for your project and run through the proper contracts with you to ensure a smooth renovation process. You have the option of staying in the home during renovating or moving out temporarily; your Builder will offer their best advice on which option would be most suitable for your family and your specific project and soon, you will be able to enjoy your all new bathroom!

Collingwood Bathroom Design_Blue Tiles
Our Collingwood bathroom design combines rich blues with classic copper tones to create a cosy vibe. A custom vanity unit offers an abundance of storage in this elegant modern bathroom while feature lighting illuminates the darker colour scheme of the space.

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting process that allows you to explore your creativity when selecting your new bathroom tiles, fittings and colour scheme. Following our simple guide will ensure a smooth and efficient renovation process and a luxurious new bathroom you can enjoy for a lifetime – Reach out to us here to discuss your next project!

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