4 Creative Bathroom Design Ideas

When planning your new bathroom design scheme, it may seem at first that there is not all that much room for creativity however, this is exactly where your creative side can shine! After you’ve nailed the perfect bathroom layout, there are many creative ways you can employ to introduce more space, more storage and more character in your design.

Save on Space with a Back to Wall Bathtub in your new Bathroom Design

If you are opting to include a bathtub in your new bathroom, you will notice that there are many modern options available to choose from that will allow for any number of creative bathroom layouts to be achieved. A back-to-wall bathtub is a popular solution that combines the ease of maintenance of a traditional built-in bath with the elegant aesthetic of a freestanding tub. As the name suggests, the rear part of the bathtub sits flush with the wall, leaving no gaps to clean. The front part of the tub however, offers the look of an elegant freestanding tub, allowing you the freedom of experimenting with a range of different layouts in the room and save on space.

Richmond Bathroom Designer_Back to wall bathtub_Contemporary bathroom design
Our Richmond bathroom design includes a modern back-to-wall bathtub to create an elegant look while not compromising on the available space in the room.

Including Storage Solutions in your new Bathroom Design

Ensuring adequate storage in the bathroom is a MUST when planning your new design! Once you’ve settled on an ideal layout, the next step is to find creative storage solutions that will best fit your needs. Aside from your bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet, there are other ways you can introduce different layers of storage in the bathroom. Shower ledges, wall shelves, freestanding furniture or tall cupboards can all be included in the bathroom to ensure there is indeed a spot for everything. When planning your new bathroom, take note of what specific items you would like to have stored in the room; you may want to consider including a dedicated area for a laundry hamper or you may want to include more shelving either inside the shower area or beside the bathtub to house your shampoo bottles and soaps. With a detailed list of the types of items you’d like to be stored in your new bathroom, you can then come up with creative storage solutions that will best fit the space as well as your storage needs.

Armadale bathroom design_bath ledge storage bathroom
Our Armadale bathroom design includes a large vanity and medicine cabinet for storage. The space also includes a stone clad ledge behind the bathtub which acts as a convenient shelf for keeping shampoo bottles or soaps within reach where needed.

Creating a Luxurious Look with Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Tiles

A bathroom’s design scheme is essentially created by your choice of tiles. As tiles make up a large portion of your colour scheme, it is important to ensure you find the perfect match for your specific design preferences while also ensuring you’ve settled on your ideal tile layout. If you are looking for a sense of grandeur in the bathroom, carrying your wall tiles right up to the ceiling will do just that! This tiling technique will draw the eye upwards in the room, accentuating the room’s overall height to create a luxurious look. As an added bonus, tiling your bathroom to the ceiling will eliminate the need for wall paint in the space, allowing for a tidier, more low maintenance finish.

Toorak bathroom design
Our Toorak bathroom design uses a marble look porcelain wall tile that is carried right up to the ceiling to create a luxurious and opulent finishing touch.

Be Adventurous with your Design Style!

Finally, the ultimate way to get more creative in how you design your bathroom is to be adventurous with your own unique design style! Defining a particular design style for your new bathroom will also allow for a much more straight forward decision making process as particular design styles will lend themselves well to specific materials, colours and finishes. For example, the Art Deco styled bathroom design pictured below combines luxurious black marble with elegant grey tones and a rich, warm timber flooring, each of which often feature in an Art Deco styled home.

Art Deco bathroom design
Our Hawthorn bathroom design fuses the old with the new by making use of this period style home’s original timber flooring and adding modern, sophisticated materials to create a luxurious Art Deco theme.

There are many different ways you can get more creative in the way you choose to design your bathroom, from incorporating better storage solutions to experimenting with different tile layouts and design themes to create your own unique look.

Our team at Perini Design Consultancy can assist and guide you through the entire design process, offering expert advice at every step of the way to ensure the perfect outcome – Reach out to us here to see how we can assist you with your next project!

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