What to Include in a Kitchen Renovation Budget

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, settling on a realistic budget is one of the most important steps to ensure a successful outcome. By setting yourself a budget early on in the process, you can then have a look at specific collections of kitchen appliances, materials and finishes that will sit within that budget to ensure your project stays on track.

In our quick guide, we look at each area that should be included in a Melbourne kitchen renovation budget in order to ensure no areas are overlooked and that you can come up with a fair budget that will allow for your needs and preferences.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a kitchen renovation in Melbourne will vary depending on a few things; these range from the scope of your project, the type of materials and finishes you have selected, the size of your new kitchen and your selected appliances.

A standard kitchen renovation in Melbourne will usually cost between $25,000 – $40,000. A premium renovation will normally fetch upwards of $50,000.

As you can see, the price of a kitchen renovation can vary quite drastically depending on many different factors which is exactly why taking the time to carefully plan out your project prior to receiving any quotations for the works is crucial.

South Melbourne Kitchen Design_Kitchen Renovation Budget
Our South Melbourne kitchen design features a contemporary colour scheme, combining sleek polished concrete floors with sleek, gloss white cabinetry and luxurious stone benchtops. The spacious kitchen complements the home’s overall design aesthetic while effectively bringing the outdoors in with a silver mirror splashback.

What is Included in Kitchen Design Documentation?

Without accurate and specific documentation, anyone quoting on your project will not be able to offer you an accurate price which in turn can lead to incredibly costly and time consuming errors and misunderstandings later on down the track.

Your kitchen design documentation should include:

  • Existing & Proposed Floorplans
  • Elevations
  • Stone Layout (where applicable)
  • Electrical & Lighting Layout
  • Detailed Specifications which outline to your selected Contractor your preferences in terms of colours, materials, hardware, appliances and fittings.

With this information in hand, you can seek out quotes from your selected Contractors with the peace of mind that they will each be offering their most accurate pricing, allowing you to properly compare between each quote.

Hawthorn Kitchen Design_Kitchen Renovation Budget
Our luxurious Hawthorn kitchen design features and elegant and timeless colour palette that effortlessly complements the rich aesthetic of this stylish home.

What Factors Do I Need to include in my Budget?

As the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Melbourne can vary so greatly, it is important to understand what elements actually go into a renovation in order to come up with a realistic budget for your project. The factors that you will need to consider and account for are:

  • Design, Trades & Management: A well planned kitchen renovation project will often include a team of industry professionals that can help you with the planning and design process, management of your project and of course, a team of trades that will complete the works. These elements of your renovation will often make up roughly 35% of the project cost.
  • Materials: Kitchen cabinets, benchtops, hardware (cabinetry handles, fittings such as drawer runners, etc.) and splashbacks are included in the materials portion of your project. This figure will usually make up around 50% of your renovation project.
  • Appliances & Fittings: Making up the remaining 15% of your renovation cost are your appliances and fittings. This includes a fridge, oven, cooktop, rangehood, microwave, kitchen sink and tapware.

It is important to note that these percentages offer an approximate guide to help you form a realistic budget based on the average costs of a Melbourne kitchen renovation as listed above.

Using the average costs of a kitchen project in Melbourne, you can allocate a percentage budget figure for your professionals and trades, materials and appliances, ensuring that each element of your project is accounted for. Our team at Perini Design & Construction Consultancy will assist and guide you through the process of designing the perfect kitchen for your home – Reach out to us here to discuss your project!

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