Luxurious Bathroom Tiles: 5 Show-Stopping Options

There are many different interior design styles available to explore when creating the perfect look in your new bathroom design scheme from rich and earthy Mediterranean styles to lush, timeless looks using natural stones and tactile textures. Create a truly show-stopping look in your next project using a selection of elegant bathroom tiles; we explore a selection of trending options to see how they can best be used in your new bathroom design scheme to create a rich and refined aesthetic.

Create a Mediterranean Vibe

Mediterranean themed styles are trending in the world of interior design thanks to the warm, rich and serene vibe that they offer. Create a show-stopping look in your new bathroom design scheme with a selection of rich and earthy beige tiles in a range of luxurious patterns and textures. Beige tiles offer a timeless aesthetic in the home, pairing well with any number of lush finishes such as brass or gold tapware, rustic timbers, textured concrete and more. The Oasis collection available at Perini Tiles offers a stunning Mediterranean vibe in the bathroom, using a repeating pattern to add an elegant yet rustic feature element.

Perini Tiles Oasis Bathroom Tiles
Available at Perini Tiles, the Oasis collection offers a customisable repeating pattern that will add a stunning feature in a Mediterranean inspired bathroom design scheme.

Bathroom Luxury with Marble Look Bathroom Tiles

Natural marble tiles offer a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic in the home, being a timeless choice that will never fade from style. As is common with porous materials, marble bathroom tiles will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. A quality tile sealer will help protect your tiles against staining, ensuring their longevity in the home. If you are looking for more of a low maintenance approach in your bathroom, marble look tiles are the next best choice. These types of tiles are created using quality porcelain that is almost completely non-porous and will not require sealing. Porcelain is famous for offering an incredibly strong, versatile and long lasting finish that is resistant to staining, heat, moisture and scratching, making them a popular choice for busy homes. A high definition image of real marble is digitally printed onto the surface of the porcelain tile to create a realistic finish. You can expect to see variations in pattern, tone and colour in marble look tile collections, further enhancing their realism.

Toorak Bathroom Designer
Our Toorak bathroom design includes a stunning marble look porcelain wall tile that effortlessly complements the soft brown floor tiles to create a rich and earthy vibe in this luxe space.

Create a Tactile Experience with Kit Kat Bathroom Tiles

Kit Kat tiles (also referred to as finger mosaic tiles) offer a wonderfully tactile experience in the bathroom, often used to create stylish feature walls that highlight key areas of the layout such as a freestanding bathtub for example. Being a mosaic tile, one may naturally be concerned about cleaning between grout lines however, modern tile grout options have made this task incredibly simple! Traditional cement based grouts would often require sealing and maintenance in order to ensure their stability over time however, modern epoxy based grouts will offer a non-porous alternative grout solution that will actively assist in minimising the build-up of dirt and grime in your tile’s grout lines. ensuring a low maintenance finish when paired with a mosaic tile, you can rest assured that your new bathroom design scheme will always look tidy and beautiful!

Perini Tiles Stria Mosaic Tiles
A new addition to Perini Tiles’ already extensive collection of bathroom tiles, the Stria collection includes a variety of different colours to choose from to help you create a luxuriously tactile look in your new bathroom design scheme.

Lush Pattern Floor Tiles

Feature walls in the bathroom provide a stylish avenue for exploring your creativity as you combine a selection of tile shapes, colours and textures. If you are looking to create more of a unique look in your bathroom design however, you may instead opt to include a feature floor tile that will contrast the balance of the space’s tiling. Our Richmond bathroom design featured below include a luxurious pattern floor tile that effortlessly mirrors the soft grey tones and crisp whites featured throughout the space, creating a modern Hamptons inspired look.

Modern Hamptons Bathroom Design
Elegant and sophisticated, our Richmond bathroom design includes a luxurious pattern tile to create a show-stopping feature floor. Contrasting the crisp whites featured throughout the Hamptons bathroom style, the rich patterns of the floor tiles add a sense of character in the design.

Elegant Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles continue to be created around the world using centuries old techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Created by highly skilled artisans, handmade tiles offer a strong sense of character in a bathroom’s design scheme, showing variations in their colour, shape, texture, size and thickness as a result of the hand-crafting process. These types of tiles can be used in the bathroom as a dramatic feature element, adding bold pops of colour, texture and pattern in the space for a warm, inviting and elegant look.

Our Collingwood bathroom design includes a deep blue handmade look wall tile; Handmade look tiles recreate the aesthetic and texture of authentically handmade tiles, offering a more accessible solution that can be used in a larger variety of applications.

Create a unique and personal touch in your new bathroom design scheme using a rich and stylish combination of elegant bathroom tiles. From lush handmade look tiles to sophisticated marble inspired pieces, there are many exciting options available to choose from when creating your dream bathroom!

Our team at Perini Design Consultancy will assist and guide you through each step of the bathroom design process, ensuring a high quality finish that captures your own unique sense of style – Reach out to us here to see how we can assist you with your project!

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