Kitchen Benchtop Options

Natural Stone

Natural stone kitchen benchtops are a classic option thanks to their luxurious qualities and long lasting strength. Granite and marble are the most popular options with a vast range of naturally occuring colours and patterns available to choose from for your next kitchen renovation. It is important to note that natural stone products are porous in nature and can absorb liquid or powder spills. As such, a quality sealant is applied to the benchtop’s surface every few years or so in order to properly maintain and protect your natural stone kitchen benchtop.

Armadale Kitchen Renovation
Our Armadale kitchen renovation uses a combination of natural stone and engineered stone, allowing the uses the best of both worlds! A natural marble stone has been used in the design of the kitchen island while the balance of the kitchen’s benchtops are of a pure white engineered stone. The combination of stones allows the character and warmth of the marble to be the standout feature of the space.

Composite/Engineered Stone

Another popular solution for the kitchen, engineered stone benchtops are created using a unique combination of quartz, polymer resins and organic pigments to provide an immensely durable and simple to maintain surface finish. An engineered stone benchtop will not require sealing at any time throughout he product’s lifespan, furthering the product’s low maintenance qualities. These stone solutions can be found in a vast range of colours and patterns from concrete look options, marble or granite lookalikes and many more!

Hawthorn Kitchen Renovation
Our Hawthorn kitchen renovation includes a stunning engineered stone breakfast bar that effortlessly complements the warm combination of materials used throughout this kitchen.

Timber Kitchen Benchtop

Timber kitchen benchtops provide a rustic, classic quality to a kitchen design scheme, introducing a warm, earthy touch to the space. Timber benchtops can be sourced in a variety of different timber species to give you a unique look in the kitchen. You can also specify your preferred stains and polishing for a luxurious finish.

Timber Kitchen Benchtop
A timber kitchen benchtop creates a warm, timeless look in the home. These benchtops are available in a selection of different timber species as well as different stain options, allowing you to create the perfect custom benchtop in your new kitchen. Image: Smeg

Laminate Kitchen Benchtop

Laminate benchtops offer a cost effective solution for the kitchen. These durable benchtops are available in a vast range of colours and textures, allowing you to create a customised look in your next kitchen renovation. You will also find a selection of modern edge profiles available that will enhance the look of your laminate benchtop for a high quality finish.

Laminate kitchen benchtop
Quality laminate manufacturers offer a range of exciting, cost effective solutions that can be used as a kitchen benchtop, including stylish marble or concrete look options, timber options and more.

Solid Surface Benchtops

Solid surface products are most often made using a combination of acrylic and polymer resins, resulting in a smooth, sleek product that is incredibly hygienic. These benchtops offer many unique design options: solid surface materials can be formed into any number of organic shapes and patterns allowing you to explore your creativity. Many specific solid surface colours can even be back-lit for a dramatic effect in your kitchen design scheme.

Solid surface benchtop
Corian is a popular solid surface product that can be formed into just about any shape imaginable! Image: Corian – Zaha Hadid Architects

Concrete Benchtops

A premium option, custom concrete kitchen benchtops can be cast in a range of shapes and colours and can even be designed to include different textures. A concrete benchtop can be customised to suit your design and style preferences, offering a durable and long lasting solution. Similar to natural stone benchtops, concrete materials are also porous and will require sealing in order to maintain a quality finish.

Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain benchtops often include a combination of materials in their creation such as powdered glass and quartz. These benchtops offers an ultra durable surface finish that can be used in the kitchen for a hygienic solution that is scratch, stain and heat resistant, making porcelain benchtops an immensely durable solution for the busy kitchen.

Dekton benchtop
Dekton is a popular manufacturer of quality porcelain products that can be used as a durable and long lasting kitchen benchtop solution.
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