Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles provide a durable and low maintenance design solution that will last a lifetime. The right floor tiles should perfectly complement your kitchen design scheme while allowing you to experiment with a range of options from unique patterns and colours to stylish textures and more. Porcelain tiles are especially popular for use as a kitchen flooring solution thanks to their impressive strength, versatility and durability. These tiles are resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat, making them an incredibly low maintenance kitchen flooring solution. You will also find an impressive array of different textures and styles available that perfectly simulate the look and feel of products such as concrete, timber, natural stones and more!

Kitchen Renovation with tiled floor
Porcelain floor tiles can be found in an impressive selection of options that effortlessly simulate the look and feel of materials such as timber, natural stone and concrete. Our kitchen renovation uses a warm colour palette of sandy toned tiles with warm, honey toned timbers to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Natural stone tiles are another popular floor tile solution for the kitchen, once again providing an incredibly durable and hard wearing surface finish that will last a lifetime with the right care. An advantage of natural stone tiles is that they can be professionally rejuvenated if needed in order to bring them back to their original glory, ensuring a long lasting finish for your new kitchen design.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring throughout your interior spaces and kitchen offers a hard wearing and durable solution that is ideal for modern or contemporary styled homes. These types of floors should last a lifetime with the right care and maintenance. Concrete is a porous material and as such can absorb liquid or powder spills. Creating a realistic care/cleaning plan is crucial in ensuring a quality finish over time however similar to natural stone products, concrete can be professionally rejuvenated to ensure a long lasting finish.

Polished concrete floor in kitchen
Our South Melbourne new home build project uses polished concrete flooring throughout the interior spaces for a sleek and modern touch that perfectly complements and grounds the crisp white colour palette of the home.

Timber Flooring for the Kitchen

Timber flooring provides a warm and timeless look in the kitchen, creating a soft surface underfoot. Engineered timber has become a popular choice for the home as it provides the strength and durability of a traditional solid timber floor with modern technology that assist in the prevention of gapping between boards, thus providing a stronger surface finish. Whether you opt for solid timber floorboards or an engineered timber flooring option, the end result is a luxurious and characteristic design solution that will last a lifetime.

Timber floor in kitchen
Our modern kitchen renovation uses a simple warm white colour palette that effortlessly complements the warm character of the home’s hard wood flooring.
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