Kitchen Splashback Options

Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Tiles are one of the most popular choices as a kitchen splashback thanks to the many different tile types and styles available as well as their impressive durability and ease of maintenance. Tiles allow you the opportunity to create a stunning look in your kitchen, allowing you to explore a vast range of creative options from traditional subway tiles to modern, large format tiles as well as luxurious mosaic tiles. Cleaning and maintaining grout lines is often a concern when choosing kitchen splashback tiles; this issue is often directly addressed with the use of an epoxy tile grout in place of traditional cement based grouts. Unlike cement based grouts, an epoxy grout is water and stain resistant and will not require sealing, actively assisting in the prevention of built-up grime in your tile grout lines and creating the perfect low maintenance solution.

Mosaic tiles provide a luxurious finish in the kitchen, adding a glamorous touch to your design scheme. This modern Hamptons kitchen by Perini Renovations combines a mirror splashback with elegant glass mosaic tiles for a glamorous touch; the same mosaic tiles are carried over to the kitchen island design as a unique finishing touch that effectively ties the colour scheme together.

Stone Splashback Options for the Kitchen

Using stone as a kitchen splashback is a great solution for kitchen designs where you would prefer a simple and minimal colour palette. The benchtop’s stone surface is usually mirrored as a splashback to provide a simple and sleek design scheme. You have the option of using either a natural stone or an engineered stone as your benchtop and splashback, each providing a smooth and stylish finish for your new kitchen. It is important to note that natural stone products are porous and will require sealing at regular intervals throughout their lifespan to ensure a quality finish however, will last a lifetime with proper use and care. An engineered stone product on the other hand, will not require sealing making them an ideal solution for busy homes.

Balwyn Kitchen Renovation
Our Balwyn kitchen renovation combines a crisp white scheme with sleek stainless steel appliances for a modern look. The stone kitchen benchtop is carried vertically to create a stylish kitchen splashback option, providing a simple to clean and maintain finish for the home.

Glass & Mirror Kitchen Splashbacks

A glass kitchen splashback provides a sleek and smooth surface finish in the kitchen that can be customised to suit your own style and colour preferences. Glass splashbacks can be created using custom colour selections for those looking for a solid colour option as their kitchen splashback or they can be custom made using printed photography for a unique touch in your home.

Mirrored kitchen splashbacks are an excellent solution in modern kitchen design schemes, being especially effective where they will be installed in a location that will reflect an area of interest (such as a garden or courtyard for example). These types of splashbacks also provide an excellent solution for introducing more light into a kitchen as light can reflect throughout the interior space and brighten up a dark area. It is of course important to note that a mirror splashback will require a certain level of care to ensure a streak-free finish however, they can provide a luxurious solution for your new kitchen design. Mirrored splashbacks can be sourced in various options from sleek silver or grey mirrors to antique-look distressed options and even copper options for more of a classic or traditional look.

South Melbourne Kitchen Renovatoin
Our South Melbourne new home build project included a contemporary styled kitchen featuring a sleek, mirror splashback. The mirror reflects the growing greenery in the adjacent courtyard, creating an ever-changing scenic backdrop in the kitchen space.

Other Kitchen Splashback Options: Windows, Stainless Steel & Presed Tin Panels

Perhaps less popular than other splashback solutions, windows, stainless steel and pressed tin panels each provide their own unique benefits in the home. Stainless steel splashbacks for example have traditionally been used in commercial kitchens thanks to their hygienic qualities, being a completely non-porous material. Window splashbacks have risen in popularity over recent years as a means of introducing more light into the kitchen. These types of splashbacks will of course require a certain level of care and cleaning in order to keep them looking their best however, they can provide quite the dramatic touch especially when paired with a stunning view!

Pressed tin panel splashbacks are another exciting solution, most popular in country style or classically styled kitchen design schemes. These panels can be sourced in a vast range of designs or patterns and can even be powder coated in custom colours for an added layer of protection.

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