Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Selecting Bathroom Floor Tiles

The best place to start when creating your bathroom colour scheme is by selecting your new floor tiles, essentially working from the ground up to build your design and colour palette. There are many exciting materials, finishes and tile shapes available to choose from including large format bathroom tiles that will minimise the appearance of grout lines in the space to stylish hexagon tiles that add a sense of character, as well as enameled glass mosaic tiles that allow for a textured finish to your bathroom floor – The possibilities truly are endless!

Our Balwyn bathroom renovation uses the same tile as a wall and flooring solution, allowing for the luxurious fittings and the view from the window to take centre stage in this relaxing design scheme.

The most popular choices as a bathroom floor tile will often include porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles thanks to the immense durability and longevity that these materials offer. It is important to note however that natural stone tiles (such as marble or limestone for example) will require sealing and specific cleaning products in order to ensure they stay well protected over time. Porcelain tiles on the other hand will provide a non-porous material that will not stain or mark with proper use and will not require sealing.

Selecting Bathroom Wall Tiles

Your new bathroom wall tiles should complement your flooring and create a sense of comfort in the space. Being at eye level, your bathroom wall tiles will set the overall mood of the space and play a large role in creating the bathroom’s design theme. You will find that ceramic tile collections are often a popular choice for use on bathroom walls; these types of tiles are often lighter in weight than other tiling options (such as porcelain or natural stone for example) making them easier to lay on the walls. Due to their lightweight nature, ceramic tiles will also be simpler to drill through, allowing for smoother installation of bathroom wall accessories such as towel rails and shelving.

Our Toorak bathroom renovation uses a luxurious marble look porcelain wall tile to create an opulent and glamorous touch. These luscious wall tiles are perfectly balanced out with a soft, warm grey floor tile that provides a sense of grounding in the space’s overall design

Of course, your choices are not restricted to ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls when creating your new design scheme; when choosing your new wall tiles, you have much more freedom in the variety of textures or finishes available. As tiles that are not designed for use as a flooring solution, there is no need to allow for slip resistance considerations in their creation which allows for more elaborate and decorative styles to be achieved. These include 3D effect tiles, textured or etched tiles as well as ultra-glossy glazed wall tiles that will reflect light throughout the space.

Including a Bathroom Feature Tile

Including a bathroom feature tile is an excellent way to add a dramatic finishing touch to your bathroom design scheme while allowing you the opportunity to explore your creativity with a range of different colours, tile shapes or patterns. The key to creating the perfect balance in your bathroom’s colour palette is to complement your feature tiles with simpler designs and finishes. For example, a stylish feature floor tile in the bathroom can be balanced with simple, solid coloured tiles on your walls to create a harmonious look in the space. A feature wall tile can be used to highlight and draw attention to a key design element in the bathroom such as a luxurious freestanding bathtub for example, while the remainder of your wall tiles work to complement and balance out the overall look.

Another exciting project by Perini Renovations, this Hamptons bathroom design scheme uses shaker style cabinetry and soft white handmade look wall tiles. The ornate feature floor tiles are effortlessly tied into the overall design scheme with a soft grey vanity benchtop.

For more detailed information on bathroom tiles, visit Perini Tiles. Our Richmond Tiles Showroom houses an immense collection of designer tiles while our website is full of inspiration to help you start on your bathroom renovation journey!

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